- Massage -


Hydrotherapy Bed

Fully clothed, and comfortably dry you’ll float on a bed of high pressure adjustable hydro therapy water whilst air-enriched jets massage away pain, stiffness, and stress – 25 minutes


Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

One of our most popular, soothing and relaxing spa treatments.

If you suffer with stress, need help relaxing, or want to ease away tensions, this massage could be exactly what you need.

Swedish massage allows you to experience a range of therapeutic benefits including reduced stress, increased flexibility, enhanced detoxification, and improved blood flow – 25 minutes


Swedish Full Body Massage

Our extended Swedish massage, your therapist will start by massaging your back and neck, followed by the legs, arms and décolleté – 55 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage aims to work right into your knots to relieve muscles, ligaments and tendons that may feel tense and inflamed.

Utilising a firmer pressure that results in a robust experience and may be uncomfortable, leaving you feeling slightly tender – 55 minutes