Nail Enhancement

A luxurious spa manicure can improve hands and nails which are in less than perfect condition, as well as enhancing those which are already well maintained.

A manicure is also ideal for ensuring your hands look their best for special occasions, such as a wedding.

Mini Manicure

During this treatment, the nails are filed to your preferred shape, before polish is applied – 20 minutes



As above, to include cuticle work. During this treatment you’ll also receive a pampering hand massage comprising reflexology techniques designed to help you relax. A pampering treatment to assist soft, splitting and brittle nails – 45 minutes


French Manicure

There is perhaps no nail aesthetic more iconic than the white-tipped French manicure. Neutral and understated, yet meticulously preened – 45 minutes


Luxury Manicure

This treatment consists of a warm paraffin wax being applied to the hands and nails as part of a softening, moisturising and condition-boosting manicure – 60 minutes